1. How to get a vase from the bottom of the sea?

    • Problem situation analysis

      • Specification of circumstances

        • Useful product

        • Principle of obtaining

        • Undesirable effect

      • Conflict in the system

        • Machine

        • Machine operation

        • Action that cannot be performed without problems

        • Conflict structure

        • Conflict place

        • Conflict time

      • Proposing of hypotheses

        • Causes of conflict

        • Conflict elimination hypothesis

      • Problem statement

        • Formulation of the problem statement

    • Problem solving

      • Selecting a problem model

        Model selection criteria: 

        1. If it is clear what conditions should be obtained in the conflict zone, choose the “Conditions in OZ” model; 
        2. If the condition is formulated as an action, choose the “Actions in OZ” model;
        3. If a technical contradiction is formulated, choose the “TC” model;
        4. If a physical contradiction is already formulated, choose the “PhC” model.

        “Actions in Operational Zone” model

          • Problem model

            • Refined problem model

            • Available resources

              • Space resources (operational zone)

              • Time resources (operational time)

              • Substance resources

              • Field resources

          • Problem-solving model

            • Transformation method

            • Problem-solving model

          • Resource requirements

            • Resource should

          • Solution idea

            • Solution idea

            • Conclusion

      • Final solution to the problem