In the training course


The course includes a set of problems of varying degrees of complexity. Solving these problems will help you learn the OTSM-TRIZ methods

Case studies

The illustration of the problem-solving process by examples. You can trace, step by step, the entire process of solving a problem from wording a problem statement to obtaining an idea of a solution.

Solving process theory

Description of how to solve problems in accordance with the CAPS-2015 algorithm.


Supplementary materials for deepening one’s knowledge in OTSM-TRIZ.

Communicating with a teacher

The teacher makes corrections to the students’ problem solving process. Personal communication with the teacher in a chatroom is possible.

Схема алгоритма исправления проблемных ситуаций

The result of training is a skill for solving problem situations

Why exactly TRIZ-trainer?

Solving non-standard, creative problems allows finding a way out of the most difficult situation. It's true both for production...

How to learn with TRIZ-trainer

TRIZ-trainer, an online distance teaching system, is designed for initial training in solving inventive problems. It results in…


While working with TRIZ-trainer, students will be assisted by teachers who have rich skills in solving inventive problems and training specialists of different companies. With their


At the end of the course, you can take an exam and receive a certificate confirming your acquired skills in solving inventive...